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Recruitment & Rules



We aim to have a guild of all kinds of players, where we do things together as a guild, we enjoy, help each other out and be there for our guild members. We think about the guild first, then our self! when we do that we automatically help each other out achieving our personal in-game goals. We have guild rules that need to be followed if you are interested in joining us or already in the guild.



  • You need to remember you are in a ‘Guild’ if you always want to do things by yourself, then we fail to understand your point in being in a guild. We encourage everyone to do things and get involved in guild events. If you feel the guild events are not enough for you! Then step up and talk to an officer to start your own events. (Social players, read below)
  • Download Greenwall –   It merges your guild chat with our other guild depending on which one you are in.


  •  Help guild members out if they need help if you see someone asking for help, step up and help them out. We support each other with in-game difficulties.
  • Required *Priority* Events – these events are not every other day, but if you see it on the calendar, that means if you are online you need to join us and get involved, this usually means large scale PVP 100 – 500 man raids.


  • World PvP – We have horde hunting units that go out hunt down horde premade’s, Guilds, and Individuals. So naturally we have haters that will want to camp you as soon as they see you are in Dedicated PvP/Players. So it’s important to help out a guild member sometimes the fights become really big! This includes Offensive/Defending our main cities. You may be called up to help defend our cities.


  • We are reasonable – You spend time with us, play with us, help guildies out, contribute and we do the same for you.  We try our best to take care of all our members, we never burden you with anything. We just expect you to be a good guild member.


  • You need to respect your guild members, we do NOT tolerate you calling our guild members bad, if they are new, help them, teach them no need to be mean to them you will be booted if you do. #Respect


  • Behavior outside guild – you represent us  you need to respect alliance in general and keep it under control in trade chat or elsewhere, as far as horde are concerned, we don’t care


  • If we feel you are not following our guild rules, you will be warned, demoted & then booted.


  • Equal opportunity Guild – We treat people good, and encourage them to get better even if they are new so they can get involved, no experience is required.


  • Military – If you are serving in the armed forces, you are immune getting booted from the guild while you are away on duty.  Your ranks will be stay where they were when you left.


  • Inactivity Booting – If you are away for 2 months without notice and we don’t see a note by your name, you will be booted, this is nothing personal, this is just to keep the guild with active players, you can always join back


  • Changing Guilds – We understand, that you may feel this guild isn’t for you for whatever reason, please leave the guild on a friendly note, at least let us know why you are leaving so we can use your feedback to make the guild better. We won’t hold grudges just because you want to change guilds because people have left the guild in the past to explore, and most of them come back and we accept them back!


  • Watch your language in guild chat & on comms


  • Don’t Abuse the guild bank –, use it if you really need it, you could be demoted or booted.


  • We accept 100s and higher only – unless its  family/friend/alt


Got a complaint about a member? or a senior officer who’s abusing his rank? Do not hesitate to contact the GM or a Marshal.

If you feel this guild sounds like you want to be in, then apply, click here!