A little about us & the history of 'Dedicated PvP Formally known as (Dedicated PvP Players)

Dedicated PvP formally known as (Dedicated PvP players) was formed few years ago by Ispyn focusing on the PvP aspect of world of warcraft. We have always been one of the top PvP guilds on Sargeras jumping between #1 to #3 on Sargeras for RBGS.  We are also one of the largest and the most active guild on Sargeras. In past we had two PvP guilds and 1 PvE Guild.  At the moment we have two guilds named Dedicated PvP & Dedicated PvP Players and our PvE teams are in these guilds as well.

We have a mixed skilled crowd from lower ranked players to glad's, we are a friendly, family like guild and we enjoy playing with each other making each others experience more fun and in a comfortable environment.

We like to serve our Sargeras community in the best way possible, we are highly active in running random battlegrounds, Rated Battlegrounds, arena, Ashran, AV and World PvP and we are always looking for people and encourage them to get involved and to take up more leadership roles.

From running LOW MMR RBGS to High MMR RBGS, our guilds have organized 800+ man world PvP raids in the past, Doing old PvE raids for fun and doing arenas within the guild. we have been one of the most feared guilds and well known guilds or the most hated guilds US-Sargeras on we kill horde on sight.. we don't allow our members to get ganked and bullied by the horde.

It is very easy to become a guild that recruits only ranked players and get your rating while rejecting all other players who may be interested to enjoy high MMR gaming that is just selfish gaming and we dedicated PvP players welcome players who may be new or highly ranked the reason is we have always been a large guild therefore we have a mix crowd and people always find the same skill level players to play with.

There has been shortage of decent PvP guilds on Sargeras, and in order to serve our community we welcome all, be warned we have low tolerance for trolling, disrespecting other members or bashing other players you are immediately warned and then booted after we do not hesitate to this regardless of your experience.

It is also important to remember end of the day World of War craft is just a game and we want to have fun and we may also have people who are in their teens and therefore we have a strict policy of language control, you need to control this or be booted out. We also remove people who become inactive or don't log into their toons after a certain time period unless we are informed because we need room for more potential players who can be part of our community.

If you think this guild might be for you, feel free to get in touch with any member of our guild they will either invite you or help you to get in.

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