Justice League

Justice League is an Ashran Premade & Other premades BGS, RBGS, World PvP hosted by Dedicated PvP Guild.

Why Justice League? Why not just Dedicated PvP?

*Think of this as a special forces unit within the military, far more organized that are focused on taking down Horde! Its a unit within the Dedicated Guilds.

Our main goal is to seed into groups that are horde premades and giving a hard time to people who are just trying to gear. We only fight premades, as we believe you do not need to be a in a premade full 40 man raid to beat undergeared players who are trying to do ashran and especially there is no honor in it, no challenge, no real pvp. Having said that our leaders have joined pug groups (alone) took leadership and forced voice 40 man premades to disband. We do try to to prove a point here but it does not mean using voice is not on the table, if we feel the need for certain groups then we will!

How to join Justice League Premades?

  1. You will need someone to refer you, if you are not in Dedicated PvP & Dedicated PvP Players
  2. We play and observe people over time before we officially let people in the Justice League teams
  3. You could be really nice and reliable for a week, turns out 2 weeks later you are not, so we take our time to see what kind of a player you really are , then we promote you to Star Ranks.
  4. If you are in the guild then you must be a Star Rank, that is where we pick people for the Justice League rosters.

We are looking for people who are suitable for the things mentioned below.

  • Lots of patience
  • Friendly attitude
  • No raging
  • Reliable players
  • People who love PvP, and willing to ignore events/boss kill if we feel the need to do that for Ashrans, sometimes we just go in for PvP and nothing else.
  • No whiners you must be willing to get wiped plenty of times, this has never happened so far, but it could happen one day. You must have the mental attitude to take a lot of beating without getting frustrated.
  • Must be more than willing to play in extreme lag without complaining
  • Must be willing to follow ur leads blindly without worrying about the strats or what may happen, if you wish to hide in the corner to stay alive when everyones fighting, This isn’t for you.
  • Must not leave groups if we wipe, lag or get outnumbered, we need DEDICATED Justice League members (we want you to be stubborn and be eager to keep fighting regardless of what could happen. The only time we expect people to leave is when we officially call the night (unless real life situation comes up)
  • When we request you to join we expect you to join us – we want people that we know we can rely and depend on when we need them a lot of the things we do can be quite random, this could be for Ashrans, World PvP, RBGS or even BGS! – Could be anything. If you say no to us and your online doing your own thing and show lack of interest then Justice League isn’t for you. We are needy people but quite reasonable 🙂 End of the day, it is about having fun and this is what we do.
  • *Think of this as a special forces unit within the military, far more organized that are focused on taking down Horde! Its a unit within the Dedicated Guilds, so we expect high standards and we select people very carefully, it is a slow process – as we observe people over a certain time period to really find out what kind of a player you are & how much we can depend on you.
  • You must be exceptionally good with following instructions
  • Above all – Respect & a friendly attitude is a must
  • Most events are realxing and non voiced based, if a group is really giving us a hard time we do switch to voice.


Apply for Justice League Roster

Go to  http://www.dedicatedpvp.com/contact-us  leave the following information

  • Your Alliance & Horde toon names with servers
  • Your Alliance & Horde – Class/Specs
  • PvP Ilvls
  • If you know someone from Justice League, tell them to refer you.
  • your Battle Tag
  • Leave a message ( For JL roster)
  • We will get in touch with you usually takes under 12 days once you leave this information.
  • If you are in guild, you will be under observation for sometime before you are accepted

We hunt the hunters.

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